The Boundary Edition (Indonesia-Malaysia) II = Poor of Fuel, Rich of Price

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          As archipelago country, Indonesia need transportation for land, sea and air. Transportation use fuel to operate. Several regions have the same problem about fuel. People will be difficult to obtain fuel such as gasoline. Sometimes, TV shows news about the difficult to gain gasoline in Java and make queue for several hours. This case only come after several times in a year. Visiting Nunukan, North Kalimantan, we will find many cars and motorcycle in queue and it is usual phenomenon. The worst of this is always occur in every day.
Cars view in front of Fuel Station
         Subsidy fuel management in Nunukan look very disorganized. This thing had occurred as a result of many business fuel abuse. According to the citizen information, several fuel agency cooperate with fuel retailer. The benefit of the cooperation is high price for getting high income.This process starts from the fuel agency who sell their fuel to the retailer, because retailer want to buy the fuel in high price. Then, the retailer re-sell the fuel to the people. For example, gasoline in normal price is Rp. 6.500/ litre and then it change in Rp. 10.000/ litre. Moreover, retailer through the road sell the gasoline from Rp.10.000 - Rp. 20.000.    
          In fuel station, it seems crowded place as a fuel market. There are numerous vehicle and people bring fuel container. It exceeds of fuel quota standard for each vehicle. Several people complain quota of fuel that it was not enough. 
         Society expect about this classic problem to be resolved by cooperation in each stake holder even they hope to the student in university to do demonstration about this case.
         The question is when the fuel was gone, what happen in this country?. Let see in the future. Whether biofuel or other alternatives can answer the question. 


The Boundary Edition (Indonesia - Malaysia) I: Moslem New Year Celebration 1436 H.

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        Boundary area tend to be affected or affect both economic and culture. Immigrants  of indonesian ethnics such as Buginese, Javanese and Nusa Tenggara contibute to the culture diversity on Nunukan Island and Sebatik Island. The effect is like symbiosis. Mixing culture of Melayu can find in boundary land of Sebatik, Indonesia with Sebatik, Malaysia. Sebatik is an island that divided in two countries. Sebatik is include as part of Nunukan district.
        At the night of new year, moslem new year (1 Muharram 1436 H/25 Oktober 2014 M) was celebrated by crowded activity . Melayu atmosphere was felt to celebrate for all of activities in Nunukan City. Some activities that people did are parade for each village of Nunukan and Reog Ponorogo Performance. Here they are the gallery:

People inf front of Tugu Dwikora
Tugu Dwikora