Saigon Warrior

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Saigon Warrior

It is a beneficial opportunity to come to Pare with 3 closed friends. By train from Jakarta to Kediri, the journey had taken around 14 hours. Pare is english village in Tulung Rejo Village, Pare District, East Java.
Figure 1. Trio Ongol
A considerable number of student candidates had been sitting to wait for Global English (GE) Course staff at 05.00 am. Before student took their class, placement test was a must for them.
After the placement test was conducted in GE Course, there are 4 main programs for Baso programs in two weeks. The programs are Grammar I, Speaking 2, Grammar for Writing and Grammar for Speaking. As addition, Pronunciation 2 is favourable decision. The programs can support to take IELTS program in the next month.
Figure 2. Bicycles in Pare
Hundred students came from several places from Sumatera to Papua and from different backgrounds. They stay in Saigon Camp as Male 6 Dormitory with 42 rooms. Every room can load two students until six students. 
Figure 3. Saigon Camp

The Saigon Camp is chosen dormitory to build new experience in English camp. The environment give significant result after around 4 days which this writing was issued. New friends, new environment, religious, team work and camp are several benefits which can be gotten by students.
Togetherness atmosphere tie each students' soul in the residence. In fact, It can be argued that it begins in the first day when students were introduced for new environment by bycicling together around Pare.
Saigon residents are dedicated as Saigon Warriors who are struggling for their ideas. Students are Saigon Warrior with hundred dreams.
Figure 4. Bicycling around Pare 

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