A Cup of Coffee

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One thing that tropical regions specially indonesian should thank god that they were born in a country which is rich of natural resources such as coffee. A first product "Made in Indonesia" that I saw in abroad after textile is Coffee Toraja but actually there are many coffee kinds in this archipelago country. Eventhough, many people said that it contains much caffeine, but I prefer it than other addicted things. It is a gift for small paradise Guys... Moreover, we enjoy to drink coffee with friends. How beautiful this life...
As usual, grabing a smart electronic device is a new habit in this latest decade. It makes us like having a mental disease. Messages came into my phone by android app chat. A friend, Kak Ismawan, from a thousand kilometers sent a short letter to ask about how was life at that time.
After that, we continued our conversation while I was enjoying a cup of coffee with friends.  
Sometimes, gadget disturbs our gold time for focusing on severals chats or notifications on social media. Chatting for 5 minutes was permitted by friends because I discussed about voluntary activity. In the early chat, I told my position to Kak Ismawan that I was in Pare, Kediri. Several activities were talked about english program in Global English Course which I got to focus on writing class programs. He asked me about someone who he knew, his name is Mr. Toto. Ismawan said Mr. Toto was his closed friend and he was one of the important person in Global English. More than 4 minutes passed, he recommend me to meet Mr. Toto by a cup of coffee. Even, I thought that I could not make it. A person that I did not know is such a challenge thing and I should invite him who I thought a busy man and important person for drinking coffee.
3 days after, saturday night, I spent my time as usual with friends in coffee shop. Pare Corner (Parcor) was our choice for gathering and meeting point. Because of crowded, we chosed to move in the other room in the same place, a room in Parkor that we could not see musical show and drawing show at that time.
My Kopi Kampung order was coming. Beside of us, there was a person that I did not know but many people came for him. I asked the waitress that who he was. He answered me that he was Mr. Toto, the owner of Global English Course. I did not supprise because I had ever seen him in Grand Opening of Parcor.
I braved myself to open a small conversation with him. In fact, he was really friendly and he had simple style. A black T-shirt and a jeans. For making serious our discussion and meeting, Mr. Toto asked for a cup of coffee. He looked really enjoy the coffee. We talked and discussed around an hour about voluntary activities. His topic conversation about his voluntary activity and CSR in Global English. As conclusion that made me and friends like having an award, he provided scholarship for our students in our voluntary organization.
Start by a cup of coffee, continuing for discussion, knowing each other, sharing for same interest, and networking as indirect result. It begins with a cup of coffee.


Saigon Warrior

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Saigon Warrior

It is a beneficial opportunity to come to Pare with 3 closed friends. By train from Jakarta to Kediri, the journey had taken around 14 hours. Pare is english village in Tulung Rejo Village, Pare District, East Java.
Figure 1. Trio Ongol
A considerable number of student candidates had been sitting to wait for Global English (GE) Course staff at 05.00 am. Before student took their class, placement test was a must for them.
After the placement test was conducted in GE Course, there are 4 main programs for Baso programs in two weeks. The programs are Grammar I, Speaking 2, Grammar for Writing and Grammar for Speaking. As addition, Pronunciation 2 is favourable decision. The programs can support to take IELTS program in the next month.
Figure 2. Bicycles in Pare
Hundred students came from several places from Sumatera to Papua and from different backgrounds. They stay in Saigon Camp as Male 6 Dormitory with 42 rooms. Every room can load two students until six students. 
Figure 3. Saigon Camp

The Saigon Camp is chosen dormitory to build new experience in English camp. The environment give significant result after around 4 days which this writing was issued. New friends, new environment, religious, team work and camp are several benefits which can be gotten by students.
Togetherness atmosphere tie each students' soul in the residence. In fact, It can be argued that it begins in the first day when students were introduced for new environment by bycicling together around Pare.
Saigon residents are dedicated as Saigon Warriors who are struggling for their ideas. Students are Saigon Warrior with hundred dreams.
Figure 4. Bicycling around Pare